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About  Me

I am a Best-Selling Author of a self-help/personal growth book called “Dear Miss Insecurity”. I also self-published a digital journal sold on Etsy called “Build a Better You Digital Planner”. It’s a productivity tool to bring balance to your work and personal life for self-improvement to build a better you. 

I have also created and published a Wordsearch sold on Amazon for individuals that are looking to engage with self-love, self-help, personal growth activities to stimulate the mindset. This heart-shaped wordsearch activity book will be a fun activity time to relax, a great way to pass time, learn, and a time to self-reflect on you and your circle to become knowledgeable about securities and insecurities. The words that you will come across in this wordsearch activity book will leave you with the mindset to become the cure for the insecure by inspiring others to be secure by putting those words into action to help cure insecurities today!

​This company helps transform the lives of individuals by supporting, motivating, and encouraging individuals to gain self- confidence and determination to achieve goals by bringing clarity to self-awareness, eliminating self-doubt /negative thoughts and fears, maintain healthy relationships, set boundaries, and life balances to unlock your greatest potential. Let's Build a Better You!

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"You Can Achieve Whatever You Want in Life. Be confident enough to just make it a Priority!!! " 

My Mission

My life's mission has always been to help with personal development in others to become secure in who they really are. My passion is building and elevating women and women of color by helping them with personal development to embrace self love, creativity, uniqueness, and entrepreneurship. Being me + Loving me, has built a foundation of a Secure Creative, Unique, Entrepreneur = Better Me. Thank you for allowing me to help you Build a Better You!

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